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Dd 214 word doc Form: What You Should Know

This includes the following information on the DD 214: The form must be completed in the form of a form DD214, in accordance with the instructions in paragraph 2. Note: It must be signed in the following ways: by the person signing the form who is also a member of the armed forces. The applicant must be a member of the armed forces when submitting the form. The applicant must be a member in good standing of a branch of the armed forces. Each signature on the certificate is a legal signature of the person who signed the form. The DD 214 is only valid if notarized by a person authorized to issue such an instrument, a member of the armed forces (see instructions in paragraph 1) and must have been issued by a military police company. If it has been accepted by the U.S. Army for official issuance, it will become a valid military letter of transfer. See DD Form 214/5-D, Application for Release or Discharge from Active Duty. The DD 214 is issued by the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, Department of the Army, or U.S. Army Reserve and Air National Guard. All DD Forms 214 are issued by the local Army Post Office in the city or city, county, or state that was the actual destination and is where the person served. If the applicant is an applicant who served in a city or city, county, or state that is not the recipient of the certificate, they must submit a written request for a duplicate DD 214. See the DD Form 214/5-D and Application for Release or Discharge from Active Duty, DD Forms 214, DD 218, and DD 214/5-E. If the applicant is a non-service member, they must request a duplicate (see instruction in paragraph 1) DD Forms 214, and a copy of the U.S. citizenship certificate. For more information on obtaining a citizenship certificate, see the NCO ER Help Center. Please contact your nearest Army/Navy/Air Force Community Support Center to obtain DD Form 214/5-G. You will need to provide all the following information concerning your service: Name, rank, branch of the armed forces, date of birth, gender, and unit of assignment. These documents must exactly match that of the person to whom you are requesting the DD 214. If the person is deceased or otherwise not the applicant's relative, they may want to provide a copy of a record that indicates the name of the service member.

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FAQ - Dd 214 word doc

Should we start requiring all military veterans on Quora to show their verifiable credentials to prove their service, campaigns, schooling and such? Whou2019s first?
Of course not.The logistics or bureaucracy involved would simply be monumental. And some people donu2019t want to (or canu2019t) specifically highlight all of their background anyway. Say, someone was part of a JTTF or SOF teams, or Intel folks with SCI clearances, or those still on active duty or recently separated. OPSEC is a very real issue. Hell, say someone was a military Carpenter 20 years ago, they arenu2019t going to want to send in their DD-214 to some internet site or people they donu2019t know just to answer a few questions!On a larger scale, requiring this kind of sensitive information be sent to a civilian company, en masse, is absurd. Many legit vets canu2019t or donu2019t want to get specific. Although, maybe they want to talk broadly about being in a firefight or how they felt dealing with various stresses in their career. So, there is some personal discretion involved anyway.But, if you mean getting broadly vetted, or issues where claims of Stolen Valor are made, as in your case, I donu2019t think itu2019s a bad idea to broach the subject and suggest ways to handle this.Usually, itu2019s one of those things that can often be taken care of organically, within the community itself, just based on content that gets posted. So, for example, youu2019ll notice that Dirty Ass Liarsu2122 tend to be called out rather efficiently here. On the aggregate, very few legitimate veterans will be (falsely) accused of Stolen Valor. I mean, it happens from time to time, but it will often get straightened out as well. This is because the collective and specific knowledge contained in this community is pretty vast and there are a variety of personalities involved. So, when fakers start posting fake shit, people with various military backgrounds are gonna start sniffing the bullshit at some point, particularly as content is amassed and incongruities are accumulated over time. Of course, this might not be picked up by civilians as readily. This is simply based on background knowledge and experience. And to be very fair, some people are pretty good at lying anyway.However, I do like the idea of some kind of vetting process for those that either get questioned or want to independently verify their status in some way. And this could be accomplished by trusted, military-affiliated, third parties. Organizations or individuals that have some MILITARY community standing - either veteran top users here on Quora - or legitimate/professional organization that might offer to verify sensitive documents and simply corroborate said service. Iu2019m thinking representatives from VFW or American Legion. Or, perhaps some of the more professional military forums on the web which vet new members.The down side is that liars donu2019t want to submit to real screening and vetting. So, in cases where veteran Quorans have done FOIA requests for records, or active military members with database accesses can verify TS clearances or general service details, (for individuals that make such claims on here), this gets dinged as BNBR violation when the information is posted publicly.However, if individuals are questioned and want to prove their background, they could volunteer for this sort of vetting process. Thatu2019s at your discretion, obviously.For example, if anyone wanted to question my claims or background here, Iu2019d be happy to send my DD-214, combat related medal write-ups and awards, training diplomas, and contact information of my war buddies I served with (some of whom are retired and publicly known) to some of the TW (American) veterans that are well-regarded and trusted here. Of course, theyu2019d have to be amenable to taking on this endeavor, and theyu2019d likely need to do a FOIA to make sure that the docs are legit and have not been altered. So, the process might take a little while. The beauty part of this approach is that in some cases, people do not want to identify themselves in great detail, say if they worked with teams or in locations that they donu2019t feel comfortable sharing online, or they donu2019t want to identify specific names of units/individuals they worked with. The TW that volunteers for this vetting mission would be able to simply say u201cYes, this person is accurately reflecting their military background/they are being truthful,u201d etc.And, perhaps we could make it part of a charity effort to make it worth the while of all parties involved. The individual making the charge of Stolen Valor would have to donate say, $100 bucks to a military charity if they are proven wrong (if the Quoranu2019s service record is accurately reflected in their Quora content). If I may, Iu2019d recommend the charity Freedom Alliance, which gives scholarships to children of the fallen (including the children of one of my colleagues in Iraq, who was KIA).Care to take me up on the challenge, Pat?Iu2019d be open to approaching, say, Jon Davis to help out (if heu2019s amenable).We both send in our info and he can do a FOIA to verify docs (we each cover the expense for that request and fill out the paperwork), supporting evidence, photos of various tours, units, POCs/teammates to verify u201cYeah, I served with this guy here.u201d etc.Letu2019s raise money for charity and straighten things out! Iu2019ll publicly apologize for a false allegation of Stolen Valor against you, and Iu2019ll give myself a year-long ban/edit block as a mea culpa. I give you my word, and itu2019s public here.
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