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Dd-214 gun Form: What You Should Know

Learn more about our services for Veterans. Military Service by Appointment Military service may be performed as an in-service date. Military service by appointment may also be performed by a qualified reservist or other person to whom the Veteran owes active duty during the period of disability. In-Service Dates Veterans may use Veterans Service Officer appointment dates for service of a disabled veteran. Veterans Service Officer Appointments Learn more about VA Reservists' appointments and benefits. Vet-On-Vet Program for Disabled Military Veterans For more information, click. Learn more about the Veterans On Vet Act. Recreational Firearms Education and Training Program (RFE/T) Recreational Firearms Education and Training (RFE/T) is a program for qualifying service members. The program is only available to honorably discharged veterans who meet the definition of “disabled veteran,” have a service-connected disability, or who are otherwise eligible through VA. It is not available for retired or reserve military personnel. Learn more about RFE/T. Active Duty Service Active duty service is not required for veterans to qualify for a firearm license, so you are at no advantage in obtaining one by being on active duty. Learn more: The Veterans Firearms Training Program (VA.gov), VA-provided veterans with the RFE/T course may apply  for the RFE/T course to qualify for a firearms license without active duty. Learn more about RFE/T. Learn more about Veterans On Vet Act. Recreational Firearms Training Program and Handgun and Pistol Training Courses The Veterans Firearms Training Program (VA.gov), VA-provided veterans with the RFE/T course may apply for the Handgun and Pistol training course (FTP) qualification without active duty service. Learn more. Learn more about the Veterans On Vet Act. Recreational Firearms and Handgun Training at VA The VA provides a wide variety of gun, pistol and rifle ranges and firearm instruction programs with no additional training. Most ranges are located in metropolitan areas and are free to the public. For information and training scheduling please visit . Learn more. Veterans Organizations VA's service community includes active duty, guard and reserve personnel and veterans of all wars and conflicts, in addition to many military veteran organizations.

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FAQ - Dd-214 gun

If you have a concealed carry permit do you seriously feel the need to take your gun with you everywhere you go?
Absolutely. I read a few of these answers, and decided to add my own story as well.Flash back about a year ago. I'd just received my idolized paper from God (my DD-214) and was off to carve out my own foothold in the cruel world. I decided to finally get my CWP in the state in which I reside (FL) which was relatively easy considering my lack of prior arrests and clear record. My DD-214 even allowed me to skip the taking of a class to receive my license, although I did take a few u201cextrau201d classes after. Because there's a difference between knowing how to use a firearm and being trained for how to use it in a concealed situation.About three months after receiving it I carried every day. Going to get groceries? Carried it. Going to work? Carried it. Need milk from the Walmart two blocks from my house? Carried it.One night, I decided to go to the beach, as where I live it's one of the top five beaches in the country. So, at about 11 pm, maybe 11:30, I made the short drive over, parked, grabbed a towel and laid on the sand for a beautiful, clear Florida night; to enjoy some peace and quiet and listen to the waves and see the stars. Maybe an hour or so later as I was returning to my car I noticed something peculiar. A man whom I didn't know was following me, maybe seven yards behind me. I made a couple turns, took a few detours across the street and lo and behold he was still there. (Realize it's about midnight/1 am with little foot traffic). I was about 200 feet from my vehicle when I noticed the second man, about 10 yards in front of me at my 10 o'clock start walking towards me. I slightly turned to him as he approached and hooked my two thumbs on my belt in a nonchalant manner and announced what a beautiful night it was to him. Aware that the guy behind me had stopped maybe five yards behind me. The guy was a little surprised at my calm demeanor and asked me for some money, saying he needed to take the bus (at midnight? Really?) I smiled, trying to stay calm as my internal alarms were going off, and replied that sorry, I had no money on me as I don't carry cash, but maybe his friend behind me could help him. The guy glanced at his friend, he nodded and reached behind him to grab something under his hoodie. The guy behind me started to walk forward and I acted. I lifted the front of my shirt to expose my handgun and grabbed it with my right. The guy stopped. His friend stopped. I could see in his hand exposed from his back was a knife, similar to a skinning knife you'd see at Walmart or at a hunting store. I pulled my gun about an inch from its holster and told him he had two options. He could drop the knife, and walk away with his buddy, or he could continue down this path and it wouldn't end well. He chose the former. He dropped the knife behind his back, and a (in my military opinion) a perfect form about face and ran away, his buddy following after him. Once I saw them round a corner, I got in my car, and took about 5 minutes of shaking from adrenaline. The facade gone, while trying to ring the police to report it. I gave a report and never heard past that.The lesson here is that if I hadn't had my firearm, the training and the awareness of what's around me, it could have gone horribly wrong. I didn't think I was invulnerable just because I possessed a firearm, that knife would have hurt, but I would have came out of it alive.That's why I carry. Not because I think it gives me power, or a sense of heightened place of authority over my fellow man. But because there is real evil in this world. There are people whom intend to do others harm and will bypass whatever laws they need to do it. I intend to protect myself and others around me to the best of my abilities and feel I have an inalienable right to protect my life. If a criminal can have a weapon, so should I.Happy New Year.Edit: Wow almost 1k upvotes! Crazy! I check the comments infrequently, as Quora isn't notifying me of new ones anymore. Glad people enjoyed my 2u00a2.
If a soldier sold me an M9, and then I get caught with it, what is the penalty?
I am going to assume the M9 is a military issue firearm.If the M9 is a full-auto version, illegal possession of a unregistered machine gun and failure to pay transfer tax on same.Felony possession of stolen government property. There is no such thing as a state-level crime on a Federal installation. Everything is a felony.You as the civilian get off easy. You simply get a felony conviction and if youu2019re lucky, a massive fine and probation. Given that it would be a firearm from a military facility, donu2019t be shocked if both the military investigator recommends prison time to your State Attorney General. My understanding is the military does not have a sense of humor or moderation when it comes to theft of stuff that goes u201cBang!u201d or u201cBOOM!u201d from their armories.It goes without saying your life opportunities and career options as a convicted felon will be severely limited afterwards.The soldier, on the other hand, will wish they had never been born. A stint at the Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth followed by fines and dishonorable discharge is the result. This is not a cakewalk and the aftermath will follow them for the rest of their lives just like civilian convicted felons with the added bonus of a DD-214 dishonorable discharge coming up on every background check that will ever be processed on you.Watch doors slam shut. You wonu2019t even work as a McDonaldu2019s cashier after that.I hope the M9 is worth it for the time you have it because you wonu2019t have it ever again in the wreckage called your life post-conviction.
What are you issued for combat scenarios if you have bad eyesight in the US Army?
To answer your question you are issued BCG's, (Birth Control Glasses), that look like they came from your granddaddy's closet.The Army will also issue ballistic eye pro; worn for combat scenarios. Such as the ESS Ballistic Eyeshields; with corrective lense inserts. You'll then be issued the M40 and M42 Field Protective Masks; for the Army and Marine Corps ground and combat vehicle operations, as well as the MCU-2/P series of protective masks; for Air Force and Navy shore-based and shipboard applications, and finally you will be issued the M45 'Land Warrior'; for Army peronnel who cannot fit the standard M40A1 and M42A2 varients.Since, I hear that the military are replacing those old dogs though, you may be issued the M50 and M51 JSGPM (Joint Service General Purpose Mask). The M-50; for ground and shipboard personnel and the M-51; for the armored combat vehicle crewman.ALL OF WHICH ARE STANDARD ISSUEAnd all have their proper corrective lenses as well. YOU do not pay a dime - well.. only when you lose them.. but that is why you hold onto EVERYTHING that the military gives you, (paper and wares; items) - Later, when you can afford to to do so get the OSI (Oakley Standard Issue) Ballistic M Frame 2.0 or 3.0. Youu2019ll have to pay out of pocket, but well worth it in thee long run!u2014Pictures from top to bottom are:Standard Issue for our military - ESS Ballistic Eye ProOSI (Oakley Standard Issue) Ballistic M Frame 2.0 - again these are not.. the standard issue for the militaryBCG's (Birth Control Glasses) - these are the older models, although they have updated ones now that are smaller and more rectangular and blackM40-M42A2 CBRN gasmask - designed in the 1980u2019s; in service since the 1990u2019sM50-M51 JSGPM (Joint Service General Purpose Mask)The OSI M Frames 2.0 and 3.0; since they are not standard issue, will have their correct lense inserts for them as well, so you need not worry about that aspect. You can buy militarized oakley standard issue items and first responder standard issue items from Oakley's other website at - www.oakleysi.comUpon signing up - IF YOU HAVE A COPY OF YOUR CURRENT PRESCRIPTION - you can snap a picture and send your prescription info to oakley standard issue.[CAVEAT] -Those tactical eye pro are strictly for combat.. as in guns out, frags out, balls to wall mayhem and destruction! Hooah! So, they are made to withstand fragmentation; shrapnel from a grenade - e.g. meaning shatter proof - but still capable of being scratched.. make sense?All Veterans, Current Service Members of the military; Active and Reserve, and their Spouses, and First Responders; when signing up with Oakley Standard Issue you will need your DD 214 or your Military I.D. Card (e.g. CAC Card) - if those pertain to you - otherwise, if you are a First Responder, you will need to prthe equivalent of a DD 214 and Military ID card.If you happen to be deployed in a combat zone; or overseas in a non-combat zone, Oakley will ship your items there for you as well.. but you will need to prthem with your, APO address; (Army Post Office or Air Force Post Office), or your FPO address; (Fleet Post Office) - associated with Navy installations and Ships.Finally, the Oakley Standard Issue recommendation is just that, a recommendation, for all veterans, current service members, first responders, and their spouses; who have yet to know of this. In closing, you have my apologies for turning this into what looks like spam at first, but not trying to. Cheers, mates!
What's the most unexpected thing you ever found in your parent's bedroom?
My mom use to hide candy from us in her bedroom. I found it once while looking for xmas gifts. This meant I needed to search more thoroughly in the future. It was candy, not presents that were on the line. Besides she moved the presents to the downstairs closet. And after that to the car. Then at a relative house at the top of her closet. I was a little spy whose curiosity was soon to backfire on him.One time I hit the jackpot. A whole box of expensive looking chocolates. Of course I would enjoy a few of them. Unwrapped the first one and stuck the entire chocolate into my mouth. Wish that could have been caught on film. Instead of the sweetness of chocolate my mouth was filled with bitter liquor. I never touched that box again but still I searched. I didn't learn my lesson yet.Later I found a magazine called playboy. This was way better than candy. Each month the magazine would change. I thought I was careful to place it back in the same spot but one time I must not have because she found out. The following month my mom handed me a magazine in a black cover. I didn't know what it was until I opened it. She said she would save me the trouble of always looking for them. Words can not express the embarrassment I felt holding that magazine in front of my mom. That was enough for me not to go searching her room again.I never even thought it was weird that my mom had those magazines. Just figured she enjoyed something about them. I wonder if she felt the same embarrassment knowing I had found them.
Have you ever seen a soldier roast an officer with a higher rank?
First off, understand that a Minuteman Missile Silo is a very dangerous place to be, there are exposed power cables on the walls that carry in excess of 600,000 volts. In addition, there are pneumatic lines that carry 6500 Lbs of pressure that are so old and fragile that if you touch them the acid in your sweat will cause them to rupture taking your hand off, and there are also many falling hazards. When on a site you have to pre-plan your moves, think and then move carefully.While stationed at Malmstrom AFB Montana in the summer of 84, I was a Airman 1st class E-3, at a missile launch facility with my team finishing up maintenance when our Colonel O-6 showed up with 2 new butter bars (O-1, 2nd Lt) 1 each male and female, he was giving them a tour of an operational missile site. The female 2nd Lt then started waving her hands around pointing at things demanding that we tighten bolts up and move cables, while doing this I saw that one of her hands was about to hit a high voltage line that would have fried her instantly. I slammed her hand diverting its course. She immediately became upset and started chewing me out, I asked her what she knew about the missile sites, and she stated, u201cI took a six day course on these sitesu201d.I replied to her u201cMau2019am, I took a four year college electronics course in four months at tech school, and then I took a six month course on the systems on this base, and finally when I got to the base I was in team training for one year honing my craft. Mau2019am with all due respect to your rank and position, if you think that a six day course makes you an expert on these systems then Mau2019am you are full of Sh*tu201d. u201cYou are unsafe get off my missile site!u201dShe then turned to the Colonel and demanded that I be brought up on disrespect charges, He turned to her and said u201cLieutenant the site commander told you to get off the siteu201d, she then wailed u201cBut sir, he is an Airman first class and I am a Lieutenantu201d. The Colonel then lost it and told her to get up the ladder and drive back to base and wait for him in his office, she huffed and then turned and went up the ladder the male Lt with her shrugged as if to tell us u201cdonu2019t look at meu201d and went after her.I turned to the Colonel and said u201cSir I am ready to take whatever punishment you deem necessary, but she was about to electrocute herselfu201d, the Colonel told me u201cson let me apologize to you, she was out of lineu201d, he then left the site. We finished up, quickly left the site, and headed back to base.When we got back to the office, everyone was gathered outside the Colonelu2019s office door, which was closed, but we could hear the Colonel roasting her he told her she was not a technician and if he ever heard her again telling one of his techs how to do their job he would court martial her for conduct unbecoming. He then told her that she should go thank me for saving her life (Which she never did). This was one of many roastingu2019s she received from him that we overheard in the following year.I left the Air Force about sixteen months after that when I was injured, so I never found out how her career went after that but I am sure that it was a short one.UPDATE: I got in touch with one of my old teammates, he retired from the Air Force as a Master Sergent. I asked him what happened to the Lt. and he told me that she managed to make it to Lt. Colonel before she retired, apparently she found a mentor to straighten her out.
How can I improve my chances of the VA increasing my hearing impaired disability?
Improving your hearing ability depends on what is wrong with your hearing. Many Veterans suffer from hearing loss and/or Tinnitus due to their occupation (MOS). Guns, Artillery, and heavy equipment are bad for hearing, especially with protracted exposure. The Standards for Hearing Loss are listed in the 38 CFR and you need to be evaluated by a VA Audiologist to determine the cause, extent, and any treatment. This is provided at no cost to the Veteran if it is a Service Connected issue. If you have not already done so, register with the VA Healthcare System at your closest VA Facility. You will need to pra copy of your DD-214 for Registration. If you decide to file a Claim for Compensation, I suggest locating a VSO (Veteran Service Officer) in your area for assistance.
Are there any anti-gun enthusiasts, who have been in the military, and why do you support banning different weapons?
Army, Infantry. While not a u2018anti-gun enthusiastu2023 (is that what the ammosexuals are calling it now?) I most certainly am for reducing the killings that decimate our inner city neighborhoods, have turned our schools into killing fields and have everyone running willy nilly if someone says u2018gun controlu2019. And in case anyone feels compelled to question anything, yes I swore an oath, that no one has relieved me of, to the CONSTITUTION. That is as in the WHOLE document, not just one section of it! And I will gladly show anyone my DD-214 to show my service was honorable, which is probably more than some of the u2018gun enthusiastsu2023 out there! I support those things because too many people are dying as a result of lax attitudes among SOME gun owners and what I call enablers.
What states allow military training as an exemption to CCW requirements?
Active military duty would exempt one from the live-fire range exercises in Minnesota, but since the United States military doesnu2019t teach MN 624.714, The Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act, the classroom would still be required
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