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National archives Form: What You Should Know

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FAQ - National archives

What is the weirdest document held within the US National Archives?
There is a Defense Department planning document from 1935 called Plan Red, which was a plan for a series of air raids and poison gas attacks before a US invasion and occupation of Canada.This called for air raids from northern New York state, and secret air bases were built for bombers, and poison gas was stockpiled.The plan was serious as the Canadian armed forces sent spies to the United States to scout for possible targets in the US. The British naval forces also made serious plans to blockade US shipping from the east coast in order to force a US withdrawal from Canada in the event of war. This never happened because of WWII, and the documents were declassified in 1959.
Can the Supreme Court issue a search warrant or subpoena, say for the NSA National Archive?
Of course they could, and so could many other judges. A famous case decided by the Supreme Court (Marbury vs. Madison) established that the executive branch, in that case the President, remains subject to decisions of the judiciary. Some years later, the U.S. Marshalls Service was established to give the federal judiciary their own enforcement mechanism.Of course, in terms of pure force, the executive branch has the military, and could therefore ignore a U.S. Marshall attempting to enforce a court order. However, I think that most senior American military officers would refuse to do so.
Is there a British "National Archives"?
You must have tried this first, right?  But anyway.Let me google that for youFirst result.
What do we know so far from the files released by National Archive regarding Subash Chandra Bose?
So far as I can tell, nothing substantive has been identified from the files and I do not expect much either.  The major interest surrounds the mystery of dis death: whether or not he died in the plane crash in Taipeh.  For me, there is no doubt that he did die in the crash as conclusively stated by Mr. Gordon and Sugata Bose's well researched biographies on him and Habibur Rahman's testimony.  The conspiracy theorists, which include many of his own family members have their own axes to grind and won't give up easily. 
Where was the Declaration of Independence displayed before it was in the US National Archives?
Wherever there was room. Seriously. It was tacked to the wall of the US Patent Office for some years. By 1814 it was in sad shape and shoved in a bag with the Constitution which was placed on a cart evacuating the burning Washington, D.C.Copies were made by a process called wet pressing which damaged it more. And in 1940 someone used a piece of scoth tape to try to fix a tear ‣ didn't work too well.By 1926, enough records were stored who knows where or in such poor conditions that many were lost. The 1926 date is important because President Harding ordered the Library of Congress to take the documents until. National Archieves was begun to be constrcted. It only took five years to begin in and three more years to complete it.One final trip to Fort Knox 18 years later and the Constitution had their permanent home.There is now an Archieves II in College Park, Maryland (1994) but its running out of room with no designation for an Archieves III yet. Perhaps back to storing our duments in steamer trunks and basements.
What are the documents relating to the JFK assassination that the National Archives are required to release to the public in 2017?
Quoting a portion of the National Archives‣ page on the JFK Assassination Records Processing Project (emphasis added):When Congress passed the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act in 1992 agencies throughout the Federal Government transferred assassination-related records to the National Archives which established the JFK Assassination Records Collection. The Collection consists of approximately 5 million pages of records. Approximately 88% of the records in the Collection are open in full. An addition 11% are released in part with sensitive portions removed. Approximately 1% of documents identified as assassination-related remain withheld in full. All documents withheld either in part or in full were authorized for withholding by the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), an independent temporary agency that was in existence from 1994 to 1998.According to the Act, all records previously withheld either in part or in full should be released on October 26, 2023. unless authorized for further withholding by the President of the United States.
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