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Army records Form: What You Should Know

You may also find information on using the free VA medical and disability records and benefits information services. Please note that the information contained in this article is intended for informational purposes only. The Department of Defense does not endorse the views contained in this post.

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FAQ - Army records

Is there some way to access South Vietnamese Army Records?
Was he an officer If so the best way is to find out which school and whichgraduating class he came from. If he went to the Da Lat academy they havenumbered graduating classes i.e. Khoa u201cxu201d. Find out which cohort he was partof.The Da Lat officers remain quite close to this day. They have alumni groups.If you want to learn more about your Grandfather you should try to track downhis academy find out his graduating cohort and link up with the alumni.Thatu2019s the best way.Unfortunately a lot of the records about the ARVN were destroyed post war.Sadly records around medals conferred are also hard to track down if theystill exist. I wish I could find this.Anywho if your grandfather is still alive do thank him for his service.Though there arenu2019t many of us among the new generation we still rememberthem in our own way.The paratroopers were amazing. Thereu2019s a bit of a rivalry between the parasand the rangers but apparently the paras were considered the honor guard ofthe south. If you grandfather has already passed away I hope you find whatyou are looking for.
Was the surgical Strike by Indian Army recorded, as done in most of the USoperations?
The Surgical Strike has been Recorded because India has Accepted it onInternational Level and Released a press regrading itAs it is Officially accepted by DGMO Indian Army Surgical strike has beenrecorded. If it was an coveted operation then it will been under table and weare not going to accept infront of press.Even most of the US operation are not been in the recordedu2026u2026
Whatu2019s the best way to look up Vietnam draft/army records?
To the best of my knowledge Service Records of former Soldiers etc. are notgenerally u2018Classified.u2023 But they are restricted due to privacyconsiderations.The best answer that I can give is to ask the former Soldier etc. to request acopy of his records for you. If the Soldier etc has died I believe that thesurviving next of kin can also request the records.
How can I change my date of birth in my father's army record?
There are some modalities to change date of birth. Get a corrected birthcertificate and submit. If age of elder brother less than 10 months certainlyprove the error is recordical. Otherwise consult a legal expert who may chargesome nominal fee.
How can I change my son's name in the Indian Army records?
1. If youu2019re still serving Publish a Part 2 order. The name will be changed in the service records. 2. If youu2019re retired Go to the Zila Sainik Board Veteran Sahayata Kendra they would tell you the procedure. 3. The procedure for serving personal is simple. But for retired widows itu2019s slightly lengthy. 4. Incase of any further clarification please let me know.
What type of trumpet does Alexander Molostov use in the Red Army recording ofDark Eyes?
Based on a live video I found from 2023 it looks like a Bach Stradivariusdouble brace in the tuning slide area and other bracing. Im not sure ifits still Alexander Molostov playing though because this particular liveconcert was 10 years after the recording that you posted. Its important tonote that it would be virtually impossible to pinpoint the model of trumpetbased on audio recording alone.
Will the MEPS check my prior service medical records? I was in the Army for awhile, and had some med issues. Iu2019m trying to get into another branch, andwould like not to admit those conditions at MEPS. Will they actually check myold Army records?
Thereu2019s two different things here.If you were honorably discharged and had no service connected medicalconditions nobody retains your medical records. I was given all of my recordswhen I cleared the base hospital my last week of duty.The military however does retain your records if you are being discharged fora medical reason. If youu2019re no longer fit for service in one branch you wonu2019tlikely be fit in another. Especially if youu2019ve claimed and are receiving anyservice connected disability.If youu2019re holding the only documented copy of an Army medical record that saysyou had a condition thatu2019s healed or cleared then you donu2019t really have thatissue or condition any longer do youYou should have been asked by your recruiter and if necessary a waiver couldbe submitted prior to hitting MEPS.
How do I find out if a soldier is real? Where can I find the US Army records?
How do I know if a soldier is realIf you are talking about meeting one in personu2026u2023 if he or she looks like onetalks like one and acts like one he or she probably is one. Soldiers arealmost always very courteous in publicu2023 especially when in uniform. Andtheyu2019re very aware of being out in public when in uniform. Youu2019re very seldomgoing to see one who is sloppily dressed or discourteous and their hair willbe neat and trimmed and usually unusually short. Normally they take pride intheir appearance and demeanor. Even out of uniform when I met a kid sayearly twentiesu2026. Iu2019m 68. To me early twenties is a kid with short hair andcommonly uses u2018siru2023 when addressing me as either an elder person or as a copwhen I was still working odds were great he or or she was in the military.If you have reason to need to know ask to see hisher ID.If you donu2019t live near a military base and see a G.I. in uniform especiallyon a weekend he or she is probably a reservist or a member of the NationalGuard. If Army you can look at the patches on their left shoulder and it willtell you what unit they are in. The Guard units will all have some variationon state insignia. In any case theyu2019ll be happy to tell you their unit andyou can look it up on line later if you are curious about its history andmission.You see a lot of homeless people claiming to be down and out veterans. Mostare not. They just figure if you think they are youu2019ll be a softer touch.Itu2019s pretty easy to tell if youu2019re a vet and have actually experiencedmilitary life. They wonu2019t have any idea what you are talking about when youquestion them about certain aspects of the military theyu2019re unfamiliarwith.Iu2019ve had guys tell me they were down and out US Marine Corps Green Berets andexpect me to show them respect for it. Only the Marine Corps doesnu2019t haveGreen Berets so a statement like that prettymuch instantly marks them asphonies. Civilians can be fooled but if the guy starts telling you about howhe got all screwed up in Viet Nam Afghanistan or Iraq chances are heu2019s notactually a vet. There are plenty of guys walking around with PTSD and adiscouraging number of homeless vets out there but generally guys who gottheir heads all twisted up in a combat zone are usually the last people towant to talk about itu2023 especially to strangers.If you are talking about online the first hint the person is phony will beasking for money. G.I.s donu2019t do that. They donu2019t get u2018stucku2023 in foreigncountries and need to have someone send them money to get home. Uncle Sam canbe very fickle but heu2019s pretty damned good at keeping track of his troops andseeing to it they donu2019t want for lifeu2019s necessities.
How do I trace my grandfather's WW2 army service records? He was a CPL in the45th Infantry.
See the following book for more detailsFinding Your Fathers War A Practical Guide to Researching and UnderstandingService in the World War II Us Armyby Jonathan GawneThe 45th was one of the original NG divisions put into service. Here is wikiThe 45th Infantry Division guardsmen saw no major action until they becameone of the first National Guard units activated in World War II in 1941. Theytook part in intense fighting during the invasion of Sicily and the attack onSalerno in the 1943 Italian Campaign. Slowly advancing through Italy theyfought in Anzioand in Monte Cassino. After landing in France during OperationDragoon they joined the 1945 drive into Germany that ended the War inEurope.u201dThis was the WW2 cartoonists Bill Mauldin unit and he started the GIcartoons for the 45th newspapers. One interesting point before the war theirdivisional patch today a Thunderbird was actually a swastika. This symbolfeel out of favor with the rise of Hitler and they changed it in 1939.45th Infantry Division United States Wikipedia
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