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Nprc phone number Form: What You Should Know

If you are requesting a copy of an official record from the PRC, you may submit an electronic copy by using the DC 20415 Form 4. You may also mail the DC 20415 form to the PRC by using the DC 20415 Form 5. Please note that you must follow the same procedures that a military officer must follow to order an official record. An official request must be made in writing, include the current DD Form 214 and Form 214/214A as well as a request to keep or return the record, and indicate that you wish an official record. If a request is not made in writing, it is incomplete and is not considered. Military records shall be kept only for as long as prescribed by law, or as required by the law. After the time limit expires, these records shall be returned to you or destroyed. Please note you cannot request or obtain a copy of your records by emailing your request. To retrieve electronic records, you can visit the following website. When a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard is discharged on or after January 1, 2013, his/her civilian employment records from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) remain with the Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD retains these records, so the member can apply for employment when he or she returns. However, if the discharge is considered a separation from Federal service under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UNGAVA), the DoD does not retain the records, and they are returned to their source (i.e., the military). For information about submitting your military personnel records online or by mail, contact the PRC: Policies and Procedures of the National Personnel Records Center PRC/ADG 489 1511 Wilson Boulevard Alexandria, VA 22 (703) 622–8900 or toll-free Fax: (703) 647–9073 or 523–3559 toll-free Email: PSA.info us.AF.

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FAQ - Nprc phone number

What is the weirdest object you've ever found?
One day while walking the beach after a bad storm that hit north Florida I found this, in the surf hidden under sand.When I found it I was amazed. What could it be?? A sport ball?? A old monk worship sphere?? Or an alien egg??Whatever it is it's weird. I've brought it to historians, local beach gurus, shrimp boat people and everyone has their different thoughts. Definitely one of the weirdest things I've found.Edit: people have been asking some questions about the ball so here's some answers. I first talked to the old Fort clinch historian. The all got their look and feel for the object and all said different things. The most brought up possible answer is a cannon ball. The problem with that is a cannon ball will have a seam set around it and is made from iron. This object has no seam line sadly and isn't made from iron. It's not metallic. The next possible answer is if it's a rock that's been man smoothed. Like the dragons blood jasper Rock or a sodalite ball.(Sodalite ball)The weight is right at 2 pounds and the diameter is 3 inches. I did the volume and all other calculations a little back i just have to find a paper work and once I do I'll post it.Next possible answer is bocce ball. Bocce is a fancy game that you play with round balls like the one I found the only problem to that is that this doesn't feel like one. I went out to the local bocce ball court and asked to compare the two and it didn't match up quite well in person. So about now I was stumped. I don't know what this is and I already have people that was hinting towards wanting it. It's still sitting on my desk waiting for an answer. Thank you everyone for throwing ideas and trying to solve this mystery!Here's another picture of it to kinda show its compare to a quarter. Pictures just don't do justice. If I could I would mail this thing to you guys for your examination but sadly I cant.
How do I find out if a soldier is real? Where can I find the US Army records?
I have some remote knowledge about how fake soldiers (in general) operate.Basic KnowledgeThey should know basic concepts of being in the military, like what their identification cards and basic paperwork are called. They should also know what unit theyu2019re in, what their MOS is officially called, and where they got their training.Try asking them u201chalf-truthsu201d and see how they respond. u201cDid you go to Fort Benning, California?u201dIf they are a liar: Theyu2019ll just say yes (even after you affirm u201cFort Benning in CALIFORNIA?u201d), or errs to the half-truth in its entirety.If they are not a liar: Theyu2019ll say no, or indicate where they come from, and optionally say u201cBut isnu2019t Fort Benning in Georgia?u201dItu2019s been 10 years and I can still recite my Thai ROTC number.Dress and DemeanorUnlike Thai soldiers, quite a lot of US Soldiers do not wear uniforms off-base (or at least wonu2019t wander too far out in uniform), and US Marines are not supposed to do so at all.While dressed, military members regardless of nation or branch are required to maintain their u201cmilitary look.u201d That means no slouching or being u201cwrongu201d in their uniforms.Also, they donu2019t dress up all the time. While commissioned officers are authorized to wear uniforms as they see fit, those with dignity and integrity do so only when required by duty or when socially appropriate.There will also be fake soldiers who donu2019t know their medals, and wear either medals that are too old for them, too many medals that cannot be earned during the so small years of their fake careers, or medal choices that conflict, like fake marines wearing the Army rainbow. If you know just a bit which medals belong to which branch, and their rough order, you will know quickly if someone is properly dressed.Note that itu2019s legal (in the US) for someone to wear a coat or jacket of a Soldier, as long as heu2019s not claiming to be one.BraggartsIf their story is too glorious to be true, it probably is. 90% soldiers do not see combat, let alone those u201cMedal of Honoru201d or u201cCall of Dutyu201d level of action.A lot of military work involves sitting on the dirt or something meaningless and waiting for something equally meaningless to happen.And if someone can call military food delicious, theyu2019re either really lucky, donu2019t have a tongue, fake, already lost all purpose in life and finds anything enjoyable, or just had u2023 a worse school food (like me). But at least they should be able to explain how u2023 u201cdiningu201d is like in the Army. Itu2019s one of the things they do routinely but of course fakers donu2019t understand.But be warned: you need to be able to discriminate between u201ctoo much action itu2019s fakeu201d and u201ctoo damn weird this cannot be faked or imagined by a human who hasnu2019t actually experienced itu201d stories.As far as I know, both US and Thai Marines have stories that are either or 100: totally boring or totally unbelievable.Discounts and BenefitsAs far as I understand, military members verify themselves for military discounts by their cards, not uniform. Itu2019s a red flag if someone tries to use only their uniform to get a discount or other benefits from you.Also, real US Soldiers are paid well and have allowances to cover life necessities. If they are wandering around asking for money, theyu2019re either fake or fucked up their lives. Both cases do not warrant help from you.E-MailUS military members have .mil email addresses. Ask them to mail you from their military accounts.Also check e-mail headers (use u201cshow originalu201d or u201cshow sourceu201d or u201csee full headeru201d functions in your email apps) to see that the emails actually originate from a US military source. E-mail addresses can be faked. Most of the time, this kind of fakery is detected by Gmail and other e-mail systems, but better safe than sorry.RecordsUnless you have a reason to verify someoneu2019s records, the US authorities probably wonu2019t give them up.However, if you are a next of kin (your grandfather served in WWII and you need his papers for something), or you are HR looking to verify an applicant, you might be able to request information. I donu2019t know much about how America works in this case.
How do I find out if someone was in the Marines?
Usually these questions will do unless you have someone who has access to the global Marine directory. Also FOIA the DOD and request service records as well, but that takes a while.Where did you go to bootcamp? They should say either San Diego or Parris Island. (Females only go to PI)How long was bootcamp? 13 WeeksWhat was your MOS? They should tell infantry/gunner/mortarman/legal/etc. Then ask what the number is for that, Every Marine has an MOS, Rifleman is 311 recon is 311/17/21 etc. Every modern Marine would know thisWho was your commanding General? What unit were you in? These can easily be googled as every unit has a Facebook or wiki page with the info. They should respond oh I was in 2/4 or 3/5 S1 etc or something to that effect.If they are able to answer all of these correctly without seeming to make it up they are more than likely either very well versed in the info or are an actual Marine. Either way never confront someone unless you are law enforcement. If you think they are a case of stolen valor and are profiting from thier claims then contact your local police department. Only a DD214 from the DOD will tell if they are truly a vet or not.
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