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Military discharge records public Form: What You Should Know

The OMP includes the DD Form 214 (Discharge from Active Duty), and other discharge documents. If a veteran is not eligible for the DD Form 214, or cannot get in touch with someone to get a copy, the veteran should contact the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and request records from the OMP. Requesting Military Records Aug 22, 2023 — For records pertaining to your military service, complete the online Military Service Records Request form. The document will be processed and submitted to a VA facility to be printed and mailed to you. For military records such as the DD Form 214, you must submit a copy of the records on which you believe the information on the DD Form 214 was based. The copy of the record may be a copy of the original or a photocopy. If you are not able to get in touch with a VA field office to obtain a copy of the Records (DD Form 214), or if you have any questions or concerns, contact Veterans' Affairs. Your records will not be returned unless we need more information, or you request a Copy from the Department of Defense (DoD). For a copy of your DD Form 214 or other military discharge documents, please call or visit the Department of Defense (DoD) or contact the agency in which you served with the Veterans' Affairs Branch. Requesting Military Records Online Aug 22, 2023 — If you want your military records quickly, use our online military records request service. If you want your records by phone or fax, email is recommended. The Department of Defense (DoD) has developed the online Military DD Form 214 processing system. This new tool allows you to select the types of service and discharge records you need. This service is available exclusively to veterans and active Duty military personnel who qualify for the DD Form 214. Veterans and active duty military personnel requesting online military records do so only after they have received the DD Form 214 from the DoD. Requesting Military Records 5 days ago — A service member may elect to have his or her military records and other records sent by mail. (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force.) Military personnel may send their DD Forms 214 to the local DOD civilian employee office. The DOD employee will then contact the military agency to receive records through the Military Service Records Disconnection (MDRD) process.

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FAQ - Military discharge records public

Is a DD214 (US military discharge) a public record?
No like a medical records or bank statements they are private governmentproperty with proof that you are you or a close relative you could get acopy. Im going out on a limb there it would be easy to lie your way thru. Irecently ask the people in Missouri about my one time free replacement ofribbons badges and medals. Due to the fact I got out 120 days earlyw99orders aka convenience of the government which allowed for any marines with120 days or less from their rotation date out of Westpac to their separationdate were released from active duty of they so desired. There were about 400kover their preferred T.O. not everything I rated was put into my SRBsuch ascourses i had taken subsequent awards etc were put off by the office pokes soI needed to get a copy of my SRB or someone did to update it. And I was toldwith proper proof the owner could get that copy of his DD214. Or his familycould get a copy of the records they wanted.This was long winded huh yall. Im going back to the top and answer yourquestion first then tell my tale or yarn.
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